Resistance 3

Resistance 3 was released in 2011 for the Playstation 3, and sold an estimated 1.36 million copies.  Developed on a proprietary engine of Insomniac Games, I modeled geometry in Maya, and made Diffuse & Normal maps with Photoshop.

Game play for this boss arena required a large space for a hulking enemy to stalk the player, with tighter interior spaces providing temporary relief.  I chose the interior of the historic St. Louis Post Office as our location and collaborating with the level designer blocked out the arena.  Using real world dimensions and architectural cues I wanted to capture the spirit of the space, while fulfilling the designer considerations.  As the player was pursued by the charging boss through narrow interior offices, an upstairs landing, hallways and behind pillars, the structural cover would be rapidly destroyed, leaving the player increasingly vulnerable over the course of the battle.











The following screenshots depict interior details of destroyed apartment buildings, a hotel lobby and bar.  I designed a system of interchangeable, modular walls revealing different states of damage.  I made similar floor and ceiling modules, rubble piles, and textures and combined them with a suite of existing props.  Working in tandem with the Level Designer, i used these assets to set-dress a series of narrow spaces and vista reveals.